Cocoon Nebula (IC 5146): The Cocoon is an interesting combination of red "emission" nebula (i.e. gas that gives off its own light), blue "reflection" nebula, and dark "absorption" nebula. Located in the constellation Cygnus and also cataloged as Caldwell 19. This image is a composite of h-alpha/color data taken with an Epsilon 160 and luminance data taken about two months earlier with a Tak Sky90. The ST-2000XM camera was used for all the data.

  • Date: 08/24/2005
  • Scope: Epsilon 160
  • Mount: EM-200
  • Camera: ST2000XM
  • Exposure: 60(L)+120(Ha):30:30:30 (4 1/2 hrs total)
  • Notes: Astrodon 6nm Ha filter