Markarian's Chain: This string of galaxies has fascinated me for a long time. The "chain" itself (named for Russian astrophysicist B.E. Markarian) consists of eight galaxies, from the bright elliptical galaxies M84 and M86 (to the right of center) up to NGC 4477 (upper left). There are many, many other galaxies in this shot, including the giant elliptical M87 (lower left). Look closely at the higher resolution versions and you'll see lots of small fuzzy galaxies (I counted over 70 without really trying!). I particularly like the little barred spiral down at the bottom center (NGC 4440).

  • Date: 04/19/2006
  • Scope: FSQ-106
  • Mount: EM-200
  • Camera: SXV-M25C
  • Exposure: 5 hours (10 min subs)